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Ragù Bolognese: the original recipe and its history.

RAGU’ BOLOGNESE: Storia e ricetta originale (ITALIANO) Hello guys. Today it’s me, Pasquale, who is writing and I would like to talk about about Bolognese ragù. Widespread throughout Emilia, not only in Bologna, it is one of the best-known Italian cuisine recipes abroad, more elaborated and, unfortunately, mistreated. I’m just thinking of the unhappy pairing […]

What is a ganache and how to make one?

COME FARE UNA GANACHE (ITALIANO) The ganache is the queen of pastry creams. It is an emulsion of solid chocolate melted in cream sometimes with butter added. An emulsion is mixture of two liquids that would not normally mix, cream and chocolate in our case. That is to say, a mixture of two immiscible liquids. […]

How to make the perfect homemade caramel

COME FARE IL CARAMELLO (ITALIANO) When we cook we are starting many chemical reactions. Probably the most fascinating is the caramelization, a sugar transformation reaction. Basically is the oxidation of sugar. The process of caramelization starts with the melting of the sugar at high temperatures (160 ° C) where the sugars starts to liquefy. Its […]

Simple tips for perfect homemade pasta

TRUCCHI PER PASTA FRESCA FATTA IN CASA (ITALIANO) Hello guys. In this post we’ll talk about few secrets and tips for making homemade pasta like a star. 🙂 When I make my fresh dough I always use a wood pasta board, because it makes the dough more rough; If you are using the kitchen aid […]